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Professional Services We Can Provide

We not only clean and inspect chimney flues, we install various heating appliances such as woodstoves, pellet stoves, & gas inserts, chimney caps to prevent chimney deterioration, animals & bats, down drafts and the #1 cause of chimney failure—water damage.  We recommend to have your Chimney Flues & Furnace Flue cleaned every year to prevent chimney fires, clogged chimneys, sulfuric acid and carbon monoxide poisoning, a deadly harmful, odorless, tasteless gas and a silent killer.  

We are licensed through the CSIA & NCSG organizations, fully insured & give free estimates. 

**We do not hook up gas lines, electrical components, or major masonry work. These services will need to be done by a licensed professional. 

 Full-time Chimney Sweeping : August thru April; Continues through the rest of the year rain, shine, or snow

 Schedules are on a first-come, first serve basis & organized daily in the areas listed by the town serviced on that date

All customers are sorted by month & location. We ask our customers to schedule when called to prevent being scheduled further out in the year when the cold weather comes & update all contact information if needed.


We are an essential business & have to remain open due to the health & safety of our customers & general public.


Dryer & Vent Cleanings: Usually done with Chimney Sweeping 

Gutter Cleanings:  (No Gutter repairs) Preferred in the Spring                      


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