Professional Services We Can Provide

We not only clean and inspect chimney flues, we install various heating appliances, chimney caps to prevent chimney deterioration, animals & bats, down drafts and the #1 cause of chimney failure—water damage.  We recommend to have your furnace flue cleaned every year to prevent chimney fires, clogged chimneys, sulfuric acid and carbon monoxide poisoning, a deadly harmful, odorless, tasteless gas and a silent killer.  We are listed on the CSIA & NCSG websites,, Facebook, the phone book and other sites through Google searching.

Chimney Services

Exterior Painting and Outside Carpentry

Preferred during the Spring and Summer months when Chimney Sweeping is slower.

Interior Painting and Remodeling

Preferred during the winter months or when it is raining.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Done all year long.

Gutter Cleaning

Scheduled in October and November before the freezing temperatures after the leaves have fallen from the trees.

**We do not hook up gas lines, electrical components, or major masonry work. These services will need to be done by a licensed professional. 

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