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Chimney Sweeping Services | North Bennington, VT

Other than Chimney cleanings, we do interior/exterior painting, carpentry, installation of woodstoves, gas stoves, pellet stoves, chimney caps, gutter & dryer vent cleaning to keep production ongoing all year long. We like to schedule most of the interior painting, inside carpentry and dryer vent cleanings during the winter months especially when the chimney cleaning business is slow.

Darren Sharp, Certified Chimney Sweep & NCSG member, has been in the Chimney Sweeping business for over 35 years. Originally owned and operated by Paul D. Brundage since 1980, it wasn’t until 1982 when Darren started working for Paul after leaving his job at Vermont Container as a Maintenance Mechanic.

Since his employment with Paul, Darren decided to get his Chimney Sweeping Certification and eventually partnered with Paul in the Chimney Sweeping & Interior/Exterior Painting business.

As the years went on Carpentry was added to keep business production going all year round. It wasn't until 2012 that Paul decided to retire that Darren purchased the Chimney Sweeping business. At that time, Darren and his daughter Jenn worked in the Chimney Sweeping business until 2014 when the Chimney Sweeping business expanded and Darren had to hire a larger crew in order to keep up with a more demanding work schedule.

To date, Darren and Sharry Sharp own, operate & work in the business with two other Certified Chimney Sweeps, two Laborers, one part-time Laborer and Paul Brundage who handles Corporate Taxes and Payroll.

Darren D. Sharp, Inc. has been voted five years in a row #1 Chimney Cleaning and #1 in Painting for the Readers Choice Award. We currently implemented a new business email, website, and a business Facebook to enhance our business and to let our customers know we are in full operation and the services we provide.